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to start letting residents back in to survey the damage. governor rick perry describes the scene is almost incomprehensible. >> i was praying. it was awful. this was a scary is filling. i was worried about my children. >> there are no houses where normally houses are at. there is a car in the water tower. >> it is terrible. the entire community was wiped out. >> officials there are warning residents to be on a lookout for people who may be trying to scam them. >> president obama says that washington's recent focus on politics is misplaced. he is using hiss plead for more efforts to expand the middle-class. >> the way i sick, there are three areas where we need to focus. one: making america a magnet for good jobs. to: making sure our workers have the education and skills they need to do those jobs. and 3: making sure your hard work leads to a decent living. >> this week's republican address criticized the president's health-care law. maryland congressman andy harris said obama care would raise insurance rates for average americans. he also believes it will cost jobs across the country. >>
, will be allowed to survey damage today, one day after governor rick perry toured the area. this weekend, 35 million americans are in the path of potentially dangerous storms. dylan dreyer is tracking the weather for us. >> d >>> today could be the start of a severe weather outbreak. the moisture streaming in off the gulf of mexico. that puts dewpoint in the low to mid 70s, unstable air combines with the energy to the west of the cold front and could spawn some very strong storms as we go through this afternoon and this evening. in orange there from nebraska, right down into oklahoma, that is the area we could see some strong tornadoes, later on this evening. elsewhere in red, we could be dealing with large hail, also some damaging wind gusts, right now, we have some very strong storms, not severe, but strong storms moving through alabama and through georgia, just south of atlanta and up across minneapolis and back into south dakota. we have heavy downpours, frequent cloud to ground lightning and potential for strong, gusty winds. that's not the severe weather we'll see today. back through p
angeles. let's look for some clarity with the brain trust right now. perry bacon j, political et tore and matt welch, editor and chief at the magazine. one of my favorite brain trusts groups. again for folks who don't usually spend saturday afternoons with us. we have a conversation for 25 minutes and at the end of the discussion we crown one of these women or men the biggest brain and they get 30 seconds to go on the news. let's talk a scandal that has not hit the white house just yet. it's already hit the pentagon rooelg from disclosures at sexual assaults in the military. you said in part if something finally changes it will be because the course demanding the military confront its sexual assault has not gone louder than before. >> well there is traditionally a lot of difference from the white house and to congress to military authority. what's being proposed right now is to take dealing with sexual assault response out of the chain of kbhand and put it into the hands of an independent judicial authority. that is a huge culture change for the military which is used to do everything
it comes to terrorism in this country. >> to borrow a phrase from governor rick perry, oops, here we go again. this is the gang that can't shoot straight. this is the gang that turned thousands of weapons over to mexican drug lords that resulted in the murder of border agent brian terry. you know, if they can't keep up with two terrorist suspects that they have in custody, then, you know, these are people that couldn't organize a two car funeral. come on. this is unbelievable that they just throw up their hands and say well, you know, we are just doing the west we can. well, that's not good enough. with the money we are paying for government and they want to raise taxes and charge us more, we are getting less and less? again, it's incompetence. but it's also a sense of arrogance, which i'm not sure which one is the worse. >> alisyn: by the way i think you were quoting brittany spears and not -- oops i did it again. >> probably so. >> he we will be back. hypocrisy alert. why is washington typing oil companies which protected birds are killed by giving tax breaks to wind farms that killed
six people died and several others are still missing. governor rick perry is assuring people they are going to get all the help they need from local and federal governments. >>> a powerful storm is being blamed for injuring at least one person in northern alabama. yesterdays weather system knocked down trees, flip ped dumpsters and damaged several hopes and businesses. one woman was hurt as she ran for cover . the national weather service says that storm is moving north toward tennessee. >>> new this morning north korea reportedly fired three t range guided missinto the water off its east coast, north korea routinely tests such rockets but todays launch comes during a period of tentative diplomacy. south korea says the north fired two missles this morning, a third in the afternoon but government officials say the intent of the operation remains unclear. >>> police in britain say they have a new lead in the case surrounding the disappearance of madeline mccann. she was four years old when she disappeared in 2007 from her families vacation home in portugal. police after a revie
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)